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Welcome to Val di Non, the valley of apples and wild nature located in the heart of north-west Trentino.

The Val di Non is the wider valley of Trentino, rich of lakes, rivers and canyon and for this reason also called

the Canyon valley.

The valley is surrounded by mountain ranges such as the Brenta Dolomites and the Maddalene:

UNESCO World Heritage.  

The Val di Non is full of culture thank's to imposing castles and santuaries.

Food and drinks are also very important with a tradition based on genuine and bio products.


The Santa Giustina lake is situated in the centre of the Non valley, near the town of Cles.

It is an artificial lake and the huge dam was built between 1943 and 1951. The dam, 152 m high, enabled the use of River Noce’s water (one of the main affluent of the River Adige in Trentino region) for electricity production. The water of the river Noce enters the canyon, creating a picturesque landscape, which is well known by canoe lovers. This water basin is really spectacular and perfectly fits into the scenario of the valley. It is the largest artificial lake in the region.

The Castle of Cles is still owned by the descendants of the family of Bernardo Clesio, the wise and famous Prince-Bishop of Trentino. He changed the city of Trento for the council, which was held there from 1545-1563.

The lake is populated by many fishes such as trouts, pikes, perches, tenches, carps, etc


This castle represents the emblem of the ancient glories of the Thun, one of the most powerful and richest family in Trentino.

Castel Thun still dominates the valley with its imposing importance.

 The castle is surrounded by the forest and beautiful gardens.

Inside castel Thun the visitor can admire beautiful rooms with paintings, tapestries and artworks.

Do not miss the Bishop room with the so called 'Ercole door' made with wooden sacred and profane bas-relief.



Set in the northern part of the Brenta Group, Lake Tovel (m. 1,178) is the largest natural lake in Trentino and one of the 'jewels' the Adamello – Brenta Nature Park can boast. Its waters are surprisingly clear with incredible blue and green shades. The lake also hosts different variety of life-forms. It is part of the Noce catchment area, one of the main affluents of River Adige. The lake has a surface of 360,000 m2 with a maximum depth of 39 m.

Until the 1960’s Lake Tovel was famous both in Italy and Europe due to a unique natural phenomenon that used to make the water red during the summer.

There are still many legends that tell the mistery of the red lake...


The Sanctuary of Saint Romedius (732 m. a.s.l.) is one of the most extraordinary hermitages and testimony to Christian faith in Europe. Standing on the peak of a spur over 70 metres high, according to the legend it is the place where Romedius withdrew to become a hermit. A staircase of 131 steps takes visitors up to the top of the rocky cliff through a complex of seven small churches.


MUSE is a place of constant change, from the main exhibitions, up to date with the latest developments, to special projects, with prestigious national and international collaborations, and finally to MUSE Lab, where the most advanced experiments in the field of new technologies take place.

The exhibition of Muse uses the metaphor of the mountain to describe life on Earth. You start from the top: the terrace and the 4th floor allow us to encounter the sun and ice, and from there you descend to investigate the issues of biodiversity, sustainability, and evolution, until you reach the basement and the wonder of the tropical greenhouse.

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