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Magic moments with your family at the Miraval hotel

Relax, activities and all comfort surrounded by the Dolomites


Owing to its particular morphological configuration, the Non Valley has recently been renamed the Valley of Canyon. This awe-inspiring natural scenery can now be visited thanks to the facilitated footways.
The main canyons are Rio Sass Canyon and Novella Fluvial Park.
The first one divides in two parts the heart of the historic centre of Fondo; it consists of a deep gorge cut in the course of thousands of years by the force of the rushing flow of water in the Rio Sass. Through the facilitated footway and steps, you can visit this spectacle of incomparable beauty.
The second one is the Novella Fluvial Park characterized by a structure ‘suspended in mid-air’ permitting everyone to walk in the gorge.


The gentle slopes of the upper Val di Non are the ideal setting for golf. Not far from the old town centre of Sarnonico, in the heart of the Val di Non, 16 km far from Coredo, lies the Dolomiti Golf Club course, elegant and harmoniously set among the thick fir-woods and green tilled hills. True experts have long recognised the undisputable value of the Dolomiti Golf Club complete with 18 championship holes scattered on a course of over 50 acres.Embedded in a natural scenery of extraordinary beauty, the course outline harmoniously intertwines with its natural environment. Indeed, it is a very panoramic view on the whole upper valley, with the snow-capped Brenta Dolomites on the southern background and the milder hills of the Maddalene Group on the west.


The Val di Non and Trentino is the perfect spot for fishing.

Beautiful lakes and rivers, crystal clear waters and amazing landscapes will give you an unique fishing experience.


The Brenta Dolomites are a natural gym for climbing.

In Non valley you can find in particular two rock walls: the San Marino cliff and the San Romedio cliff close to the sanctuary of Saint Romedius.

In case of bad weather it is possibile to climb indoor thank's to the Boulder gym nearby.


In Sun Valley, nearby Non Valley, the river Noce remains one of the most popular destinations for rafting in Europe. An exciting activity for everybody which doesn’t require any past experience before hitting the rapids of the river.


Horse-riding is one of the most practised sport in Non Valley. 

Thanks to the numerous itineraries among the woods, people enjoy passing through spectacular sceneries sitting on the horse.



The Novella River as you have never experienced it,

diving into its cool waters!

Between spectacular jumps and adrenaline slides,

live an unforgettable adventure in the woods of Val di Non accompanied by an expert guide.

For young and old, at a cost of 75 euros per person.

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