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Start your day with breakfast at the Miraval hotel

a rich continental breakfast is waiting for you with fresh croissants, homemade cakes,

seasonal fruit, salami and local cheeses, fresh eggs, coffee, cappuccino, orange juice...



the Restaurant of Miraval hotel will deligh you with italian and local cuisine and exquisite wines.

we only use fresh products and bio fruit and vegetables diretly from our vegetable garden

baby and vegetarian menu are also available

​enjoy the italian food passion


The Non valley is well-known for 'eating and drinking well' thank's to local products such as the famous Melinda apple PDO, the speck (seasoned ham) and alm cheeses.

Try our local dishes such as 'torteil di patate' (shallow-fried potato pancake) served with various kinds of local cold meats and cheese or with redcurrant jam in a tasty sweet variant, the canederli (large round poached or boiled bread dumplings), the strangolapreti (bread and spinach dumplings), the polenta (corn meal mush), the strudel (apple pastry-cake).

The region of Trentino also produces high quality wine such as the Teroldego, Marzemino and Merlot wine.

Taste special homemade beer thank's to the local breweries located in our valley.

Grappa and liquors are also famous; try the apple-grappa and enjoy your stay in Non valley.

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via G Marconi 12 Coredo

38012 Predaia TN

tel. +39 0463/536141 – Fax +39 0463/536188

whats app +39 3394702932

informazioni: info@miravalhotel.it
prenotazioni: booking@miravalhotel.it

P.IVA 00625070222

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